Effective Odour Removal Services in Ipswich, Suffolk

Create a property that your proud of with our selection of standout cleaning services. From stain protection to flea removal, we provide a range of options for clients within a 20-mile radius of Ipswich, Suffolk. There’s sure to be an option that directly benefits your property, and our team tailor each service to ensure you receive the results that you desire.

Stain Protection

Protect your carpet against spillages with our comprehensive stain protection services. Usable alongside our carpet cleaning options, our protective product gives you time to clean stains before they sink into the carpet. If you pay an additional cost, the invisible barrier is applied once our team finish cleaning.

Remove Odours

Our deodoriser is applied after items have been cleaned, to leave your carpets and upholstery smelling clean and fresh. If you request, we can add this to the tank while the carpet is being cleaned, or we’ll apply it afterwards.

Pet Treatment

If your pet had fleas, they may have laid their eggs around your home. Our specialists use a pesticide/insecticide to kill fleas and other creepy crawlies that may be inhabiting your property.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not clean animals.

From repugnant odours to annoying fleas, our team safely remove a range of problematic issues. Contact us, in Ipswich, Suffolk, to find out more.