Efficient Upholstery Cleaning Services in Ipswich, Suffolk

Increase the appeal of your property with our wide range of upholstery cleaning options. Our team combine their experience with the latest equipment, which produces fantastic results. Serving both domestic and commercial clients in the Ipswich, Suffolk area, we travel up to 20 miles from our location. Rejuvenate your upholstery for a cost-effective price at New Pin Cleaning Company.

Sofa Cleaning

Augment the appearance of your sofa with help from our team. Using specialised equipment for delicate fabrics, we carefully clean your sofa. These tools don’t cause overspray, as it only wets the fabric, not the cushion filling inside. The twin vacuum ports accelerate the drying time, leaving the fabric damp, not soaking wet.

If you own leather upholstery, we professionally hand-clean it with a mild detergent. It's then rinsed clean, dried and then protected.

Curtain Cleaning

Receive a comprehensive dry-cleaning service from our talented team. Your curtains are vacuumed, which gets rid of dust, cobwebs, and dead insects. Then a dry clean solution is applied. Once this sets, a final vacuum reduces the moisture, leaving your curtains clean, bright, and smelling fresh and dry within the hour.

Cleaning with Care

Your property is treated as our own, and we always work around your needs to ensure that you’re happy with the service. Carpet cleaningpressure washing, and deodorising services are also available alongside our upholstery cleaning service.